Study abroad opportunities has found to be one of the popular choices for the students to continue and expand their undergraduate education. Studying abroad is more focusing on human development and intercultural communication to encompass the idea of a holistic student development. Here are 5 fun facts about studying abroad.

1. Increase language skill

Studying abroad widens our chances to hone language skills. Studying new language in class is a pleasurable feeling however the ability to applying it to the real life is different experience. The ability to have a second language can help to make the students stand out and helps to communicate with the natives, better. They also tend to attract to the international students that can converse their language.

2. Experience a different type of teaching

By enrolling in university and in the same time study abroad, we can experience many different types of teaching moreover it will be more unique in a different country. Few teaching styles you may encounter by study abroad are:

  1. Authority Style: A teacher-centered learning, which is a one-way type of teaching, where the lecturer explains everything on the subjects and the students take notes to retain information.
  2. Facilitator Style: A two-ways type of teaching where the students and lecturer open in the session. The lecturers can help the students to think critically.
  3. Delegator Style: Professors assign lab activities and give the students in-class projects.

3. Enhance your network.

Studying abroad helps you to widens your horizons by knowing people from different countries. Some connections can lead you to career opportunities involving job offers and many future planning.

4. Develop confidence.

By immersing yourself in another culture, you get to develop valuable life skills, including independence and adaptability, required for personal growth. These skills can be an added boost to your professional and personal life.

5. Learn new cultures.

Your experience of a foreign culture by study abroad helps you to widen your understanding of the world. Through studying abroad, you will learn about new cultures and gain cross-cultural knowledge. Additionally, you can become more familiar with people from different backgrounds by study abroad, understand their unique experiences and establish a stronger relationship with them through this medium of study abroad.

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