5 Exciting Reasons to Study Veterinary Medicine

5 Exciting Reasons to Study Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine may look fun as you have to deal with animals such as cats, dogs, and even hamsters. But do you know that they deal with tigers, lions and crocodiles too?

Moreover, veterinary medicine has its challenges as you need to diagnose the disease yourself or from the animal's caregiver comments as it cannot communicate as humans do.

Therefore, in today’s write up, we will talk about veterinary medicine and the reasons to study veterinary medicine.

What is Veterinary Medicine?

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the basic things you need to know about veterinary medicine.

Like regular doctors, veterinarians also perform surgeries on animals, sonography, cancer treatment etc. and not just work in animal clinics.

Other than working at the animal clinics, do you know that veterinarians can get jobs in zoos, animal laboratories, farms, and the livestock industry?

Not only that, veterinarians do not treat just one type of animal. They treat various types of animals such as feline, ovine, domestic, wild, farmyard animals and many more.

As mentioned earlier, being a veterinarian also has its challenges because veterinarians deal with patients who can’t talk and only get all the information from their caregiver.

Therefore, veterinarians will take more time to physically examine their patients to diagnose the type of disease they are suffering from.

Now, let’s take a look at the reasons you should choose veterinary as your career.

5 Exciting Reasons to Study Veterinary Medicine

Working as a veterinarian has its perks and benefits. If you are an animal lover and up for the challenges, you would definitely enjoy working in this field.

Here are five of the exciting reasons to study veterinary medicine:

  • Helping Animals

As a vet, you will have the ability to help the animals by relieving their suffering, such as chronic illnesses or traumatic injuries.

Moreover, you can help to reduce the pet overpopulation problem by conducting routine spay and neuter surgeries on the animals in your community.

  • Excellent Salary

Besides, this field is one of the fields that can offer a high-paying salary. This way, it can cover all the educational costs that you spent on the degree.

Those with additional speciality training or board certifications can earn higher salaries as the median salary of a vet range between $50,000 to $200,000 per year.

  • Problem-Solving

Moreover, because the animals cannot explain what is bothering them at that moment, you need to do some detective work to evaluate the cases.

You need to diagnose and solve the problem based on the owner comments, lab tests, and even the animals’ physical examination.

  • Professional Independence

Even though most of the vet starts working for an established clinic at the beginning of their career, you have the option to open your clinic.

Not only that, you can even become a partner in an established clinic if other vets are planning to retire or if they are looking to expand.

  • Community Interaction

Finally, when you become a vet, you will have the opportunity to meet many community members by treating their animals.

Plus, you will have the chance to advise and educate the people about many animal’s health issues. For example, proper nutrition for their animals and the neuter programs.

Where to Study Veterinary Medicine?

If you are interested in continuing your tertiary education in veterinary medicine, especially if you want to study abroad, you should contact Zara Zakiah Education Sdn Bhd. 

Zara Zakiah Education Sdn Bhd is an agency where they have 14 years of experience in managing students abroad and facilitating continuing your studies there.

These are some of the reasons why you should choose them to help you continue your studies abroad:

  • 14 Years’ Experience in The Industry
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Agreement Between Zara Zakiah Education and the universities involved abroad
  • Guidance from A-Z
  • Payment in Progress
  • Conduct student preparation programs before going abroad
  • A close relationship between Zara Zakiah and students abroad

In conclusion, it is not easy to venture into this field of veterinary medicine. However, you will be satisfied once you have succeeded in becoming a veterinarian as desired.

If you do not have the opportunity to further your studies in this field in Malaysia, you can try to contact Zara Zakiah Education Sdn Bhd.

Zara Zakiah Education Sdn Bhd is a Bumiputera Muslim company that is famous for managing students abroad.

Zara Zakiah Education Sdn Bhd is also very committed and professional in managing the process of sending Malaysian students abroad to further their studies.

However, Zara Zakiah Sdn Bhd does not provide any scholarships or loans for students and is only responsible for managing the students abroad.

Universities in Egypt, Russia, Indonesia and Bangladesh are the universities offered to the students, and the majors offered are medicine, veterinary, pharmacy and dentistry.

In addition, there are other services offered by Zara Zakiah Sdn Bhd, which are:

• Preparation of supporting documents for the withdrawal of EPF or EPF for children's studies.

• Parental visits during the transfer of students to the destination country.

• Preparation of supporting documents to apply for financial assistance, scholarships or loans from any party.

Not only that, Zara Zakiah Sdn Bhd has managed to help more than 600 Malaysian students to further their studies abroad.

Why Choose Zara Zakiah?

• Comprehensive Student Preparation

• Assist in terms of documentation for education loans.

• Accompany students until the registration process completed

• Provide accommodation for students for their first year of study.

• Conduct orientation programs for new students with senior students abroad.

• Prepare students mentally and physically.

• Have a company representative in each country as a support system.

• Has a systematic and professional operation.

• Has more than ten years of experience.

If you are interested in furthering your studies abroad, you can contact Zara Zakiah now!


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