Study Medicine In Malaysia: 5 Things You Need To Know

Study Medicine In Malaysia: 5 Things You Need To Know

Are you interested to study medicine in Malaysia?

If your ambition is to be a doctor or a nurse, you are definitely required to study medicine as taking up a medical course will open many doors for you to get involved in the field.

When choosing to further your study, the one thing that is often asked is whether you should study locally in Malaysia or abroad in other countries like Australia, UK, and France.

So, continue reading!

This article will give you informative insights into what it is like to study medicine in Malaysia and the advantages you can get.

Why Study Medicine In Malaysia?

study medicine in Malaysia

Here are the upsides that you can get by furthering your studies in Malaysia:

  1. Destination For International Degrees

The growing partnerships with international universities is one of the major parts of Malaysia’s state investment in higher education.

There are many foreign universities that have branch campuses in Malaysia such as Monash University and the University of Nottingham.

These universities both originated from Australia and British respectively and are known to be among the top 100 universities in the world.

Not only that, Malaysia’s KBU International College has impressively tied up with UK’s Anglia Ruskin, Nottingham Trent and Sheffield Hallam universities. 

In addition, Johor, one of the cities in Malaysia is a home to EduCity Iskandar which is a giant international student village and campus shared by eight leading universities.

Four of them are operational while the others will be completed this year.

Some of the universities that will be included in the project are; 

  • universities of Reading, Southampton and Newcastle (medicine) in the UK, 
  • the Netherlands’ Maritime Institute of Technology, 
  • Singapore’s private Raffles University 
  • University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts from the USA

The aim of this education hub is to bring world-class higher education to the heart of the Asean region.

  1. Lower Costs Of Studying & Living

Compared to countries like Australia, US, Uk, France and Canada, the cost of studying and living in Malaysia is much lower and more affordable.

This can be seen by how an undergraduate course at the UK Campus of University of Nottingham would easily cost up to £13,470.

The same course at the Malaysia campus would cost MYR 39,990 which is approximately £7,000.

By studying in Malaysia, students will get the same module content with the same evaluation criteria and marking scheme at a significantly lower cost.

In other words, students are charged less on tuition fees when studying locally in Malaysia even though the degree has the same weightage as the one from the UK campus.

Besides, students are also able to ease their financial burden as the cost of living in Malaysia is considerably lower as well.

Thus, it’s a win-win situation for international students as they can live comfortably at a cost of about MYR 1100 a month which includes food, accommodation, and other daily expenses. 

The table below shows the cost comparison of living and studying in Malaysia with other countries:

  1. Job Opportunities For Students

While studying in Malaysia, international students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week to get extra money to support their living cost here. 

They are even encouraged to work in mini markets, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and petrol stations. 

However, some of the work that students are not allowed to do are cashier, singer, masseur, musician, or other such jobs.

Students will find their employment prospects widen upon the completion of higher education. 

Here are a few popular courses that students are up to try after graduating from the course of their choosing:

  • Engineering – Mechanical engineer, electronic engineer, telecommunications engineer, quality assurance engineer, industrial engineer and process engineer
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) –  Systems analyst, software developer, database analyst, network analyst, technical helpdesk analyst 
  • Business Management – Sales manager, marketing manager, management consultant and human resource manager
  • Finance – Research analyst, corporate finance adviser, financial planner and finance executive
  • Accounting – Auditor, tax consultant, financial controller, management accountant and GST specialist
  • Communications – Communications manager, producer, scriptwriter and customer service manager
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Logistics manager, supply manager, warehouse manager, distribution manager and procurement officer
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia – Web designer, graphic designer and 3D artist
  • Architecture – Interior designer and architect
  • Actuarial Science – Actuarial science mathematician, product actuary, data scientist and predictive

*the information above is based on the Critical Occupation List (COL) 2016/2017 by TalentCorp and the Institute of Labour Market Information and Analysis (ILMIA)

  1. Unique & Diverse Culture

With three main races (Malay, Chinese and Indian), Malaysia offers you a variety of cultures that you can learn and immerse yourself in.

In addition, Malaysians are mostly friendly, welcoming and love to socialise. 

This country is also more congenial for international students as it consists of a contrasting blend of people from around the world with a vast number of ideologies.

  1. No Language Barriers

Malay and English are the most spoken languages in the country with Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil as other languages and dialects that thrive in the country.

Here, students will find a majority of the universities conduct their lectures in English which is an advantage to international students to understand the lectures better. 

Furthermore, if students are not proficients in English, there are many language centres and higher education institutions that offer basic English courses.

Study Medicine Abroad

study medicine in malaysia

However, if you are appealed to the idea of studying medicine abroad, do not hesitate to make your move by contacting Zara Zakiah Education Sdn Bhd!

Zara Zakiah Education Sdn Bhd is an agency owned by Bumiputera whose role is to help students further their studies in and outside of the country.

Wonder why you should choose Zara Zakiah Education to help you reach your goal of studying medicine abroad? 

It is because we have been managing and facilitating students to continue their study abroad for as long as 14 years and are quite experienced.

Furthermore, over 600 Malaysian students have received help from us to further their studies to the country of their choice. 

We have also established Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with many universities abroad, such as Egypt, Russia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

Not only that, Zara Zakiah Education also provides complete guidance and preparation programs for students throughout the process.

Once students have settled into their new environment, Zara Zakiah Education will still keep a close relationship with the students abroad to ensure they are adapting well.

However, it is important to note that students are responsible for managing their tuition fees and financing as Zara Zakiah Education does not provide any scholarships or loans.

Another service that is provided by us is parental visits during the transfer of students to the destination country. 

In conclusion, in order to reach their goal of becoming a doctor or any medicine expert, students are required to enroll in a medical course.

There are many advantages of studying locally in Malaysia as the cost of living here is lower compared to other countries.

However, if you prefer to see the world and gather new experience while studying abroad, contact Zara Zakiah Education Sdn Bhd to help you get started!

We will assist you in the preparation of supporting documents to apply for financial assistance, loans and scholarships from any party and for applying for the withdrawal of EPF.

Some of the courses you can take up abroad through our help are medicine, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, engineering and Islamic studies.

In addition, other advantages that students can get by registering with us are:

  • Free consultation session at the office (Bandar Puteri, Bangi)
  • Camps and preparatory classes before going abroad
  • Provides document assistance for applications for Zakat, Baitulmal, Foundation and others
  • Provides assistant for the process of withdrawing parents' EPF 
  • The company will handle the management of student residence for the first year of study 
  • The new furniture and electrical items received will be the property of the student

So don’t wait long. Contact us and register now!

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